Spirituality of Work Series

Learn how your work can become a spiritual practice.

Isaiah Chapters 1-4: Work as Worship

The Prophet Isaiah received a vision of God — of his great power, his glorious majesty, and his purifying holiness. When we glimpse who God is in Scripture, it can cleanse away our inflated self-importance and the insufficiency of our lip-service in worship. But it also can give us a clear picture of what is truly valuable in this life.

Matthew Chapters 1-4: Uncovering the Kingdom of Heaven in Your Workplace

As Christians, we stand with one foot in the human world, where our work may be subject to ungodly expectations, and at the same time we are subjects of God's kingdom, committed to his values and expectations. In telling the story of Jesus, Matthew shows us how to navigate the human world until God’s Kingdom is fully realized on earth.

Matthew Chapters 10-12: Working Under Jesus’ Yoke

Through Jesus' yoke, we feel his pull, his guidance, his direction. Far from being a burden on us, Jesus describes this type of work as restful.

1 Corinthians Chapters 11-14: Spiritual Gifts at Work

In regards to spiritual gifts, the most important question is not who, where, what, or how we exercise the giftings of God’s Spirit. The most important question is why we employ the gifts. The answer is for love.