How to Keep a Bible Study Group Going

As your Bible study group continues to meet, we hope you will find the group becoming even more engaged, committed and cohesive. But sometimes things can often hinder a group, along with tips that can help:

  1. Get to know your group members! 
    • If time allows after the video consider taking prayer requests and praying for each other.
    • Over time your members will learn about each other, not just what each person does for work, but also the passions God has given them. Look for your group discussions to deepen over time as people’s trust level increases.
    • As appropriate, remember what was said in previous weeks and bring it into later discussions with your questions.
  2. Connect outside the Bible study!
    • Stay in touch with group members individually if you can. A phone call or other personal touch with each member from time to time can really be meaningful to them and can build up the group. Ask them how they’re doing and what they think of how the group is going. Follow up if they express needs or concerns!
    • Consider taking a meeting time off from the study to just have fun together. People could share their life stories, talk about their vocational history, or you could just play one of many online games together. The goal is to further your relationships, which will bring added richness to subsequent Bible studies.
  3. Bring in new members!
    • Keep encouraging members to invite their friends and co-workers to join the group. Then celebrate them when they do. New members add vitality and fresh energy to a group. And the act of inviting a friend strengthens the faith and commitment of the person who asks.
  4. Raise up leadership partners!
    • Begin thinking about who in the group could become a leader of their own group. Invite them to lead the group in your place sometimes, and then offer them feedback. (A good rule of thumb for feedback is to have at least three positive points for each negative one.)
    • The experience of leading the discussion will strengthen their faith and ability. And it prepares for a time in the future when the group might get too big to continue as only one group. If you are not ready to multiply your group, an interim step might be to use Break Out rooms in your video conference to have two discussions, one that you lead and the other lead by the new leader you are enabling.
  5. Send out new groups!
    • If the group grows too large for everyone to participate as much as they’d like, start talking with them about splitting the group into two groups. People often resist this because they’re grown comfortable with one another. But if the group has grown too large, people will actually be happier in a smaller group, even if it means missing some of their friends.

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