How to Recruit Your Group

If you're going to lead an online Bible study, first you need a group! Here’s how to invite your group:

  1. Write a list of at least 8 people you will invite. Who should you put on your list?
    • Invite people you know personally. You are the glue God will use to bind your group together.
    • Invite people that you want to study the Bible with. Choose people that you want to learn with, not people that you want to teach or make into a project.
    • Invite people you work with, or whose work is like yours, or whose work you care about. is a Bible study series about work, so use work as a common theme to gather your group.
    • Post about your study if appropriate in your office bulletin or message board.>
    • Invite people you think might be interested in the Bible. They don’t have to be Christians, but since it’s a Bible study, they have to at least be open to discussing what the Bible says. Tell them there are no expectations about their beliefs or experience, just an interest in talking together about what the Bible says about work.
  2. Call each person on your list and ask if they will commit to joining ONE session.
    • Contact each person personally and individually. In-person or by phone is best.
    • Tell them you found a Bible study about work that you want to try out—and you want to do it with them! Your enthusiasm about them will make them more enthusiastic about your group.
      • Tell them what you think you will get out of these studies.
      • Tell them what you think they will get from the studies.
    • Ask if they will commit to ONE session to see whether they like it.
    • Suggest two or three possible dates/times for the session and ask whether they are available.
    • If they aren’t ready to commit yet, that’s fine. Ask them to think about it for a few days. Then call them back two or three days later and ask again.
  3. As people begin to say yes, make a list of dates and times that people can make. 
  4. Get started when you have 3-6 people ready to join you!
  5. Select a date/time that works for everyone (or as many as possible) on your list. Set that as your first session.
  6. After you meet, encourage your participants to invite their friends to attend.

That’s all there is to it!

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Ready to Get Started?

Go for it!! All of us at are so excited about what God will do through these studies in your life and the lives of your friends!

There are no requirements for starting a group. If you'd like us to list your group on the Join a Group section of our website, email us at [email protected] with the details of your group.