People & Relationships

Learn biblical models for working with others.

Genesis Chapters 15-18: The Rewards of Hospitality

The story of three travelers who visited Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 18 demonstrates what generous hospitality looked like in the ancient world, and what we can do to practice hospitality in our work today.

Acts Chapters 1-4: Community Calling

The Acts of the Apostles depicts the early church working hard to grow itself and serve others in the face of opposition, shortages of people and money, government bureaucracy, internal strife, and even the forces of nature. Their work shows similarities to what Christians face in non-church-related workplaces today.

1 & 2 John: The Value of Communicating in Person

2 John ends with John writing that he wishes to continue the conversation in person. In the time of the early church, just as today, the wrong medium for a particular communication could easily lead to misunderstanding, which is failure to transmit the truth. And the wrong medium could also get in the way of showing love.