Leadership Series

Learn from the Bible how to lead better.

Numbers Chapters 17-20: Leaders’ Accountability to God

Leading as God would want you to is a terrifying responsibility. Moses’ leadership faltered in the crucial moment when he stopped trusting God.

John Chapters 13-14: Servant Leadership

When Jesus washes his disciples feet, he sets an example we are meant to follow, so far as we are able. This attitude of humble service should accompany all we do because doing so brings us tangibly face to face with the reality that godly work is performed for the benefit of others.

Judges Chapters 6-8: Past Success Doesn’t Ensure the Future

The history of the judges shows that God works when he wishes, and how he wishes, and through whom he wishes. He acts according to his plans, not according to our merit or lack thereof. We cannot take credit as if we deserved the blessings of success. Likewise, we cannot stand in judgment ourselves over those whom we deem less deserving of God’s favor, whether they be our coworkers or our leaders.

Acts Chapters 26-28: Four Traits That Define Christian Leadership

Acts chapters 26-28 contains one of the Bible’s most stirring demonstrations of leadership. Paul’s courage, suffering, respect, and concern for others remain as much of an example for us today as they did when these chapters were written.

1 Samuel Chapters 16-17: How to Choose a Leader

In God's upside-down kingdom, the last or the overlooked may end up being the best choice. What would it take for us to learn to see our leaders through God’s eyes?

Titus & Philemon: Leadership Beyond Rank and Power

When we lead out of concern for building relationship and character, when we are willing to see potential and create space for growth and change in another, and when we are willing to sacrifice in the process, we are serving in our leadership, following not only the model of Paul’s request to Philemon but the example of the Lord.